• Wire Brush
    €2.95€4.31 Inc Vat

    Wire Brush – Stainless or Mild Steel

    High quality wooden handle brushes with 4 rows of bristles.

  • €3.26 Inc Vat

    Steel Crimp Wire Brush

    A useful wire brush with a flexible head. Composed of 3 rows of crimped wire with a plastic handle for extra comfort.

  • Tubular Handle Chipping Hammer 11166
    €4.80 Inc Vat

    Tubular Handle Chipping Hammer

    A lightweight Chipping Hammer, featuring a chisel end and a pointed tip to quickly remove slag created when welding. Features a long handle and a double-ended chipping head.

  • Loose leaf buffing wheel
    €9.23 Inc Vat

    Loose Leaf Buffing Wheel 150mm

    A 100% cotton, 40-layer Loose Leaf Buffing Wheel. Can be stacked onto tapered spindles for required thickness.

  • Double-Stitched Buffing Wheel 150mm 633782
    €9.23 Inc Vat

    Double-Stitched Buffing Wheel 150mm

    This 150mm Double-Stitched Buffing Wheel is made from 100% cotton and has 50-layers that are double stitched. Can be stacked onto tapered spindles for required thickness.

  • Felt Buffing Wheel
    €9.23 Inc Vat

    Felt Buffing Wheel 150mm

    This 150mm Felt Buffing Wheel is for final polishing of most metals, stone, glass and plastics. Buffing wheels can be stacked onto tapered spindles for required thickness.

  • Spiral stitched buffing wheel
    €9.23 Inc Vat

    Spiral Stitched Buffing Wheel 150mm

    Spiral stitched construction with 40 layers of cotton. For polishing metals to a high finish. Buffing wheels can be stacked onto tapered spindles for required thickness.

  • Sisal buffing wheel
    €9.53 Inc Vat

    Sisal Buffing Wheel 150mm

    For removing grinding marks and first stage polishing.

  • Tapered Spindle
    €10.12 Inc Vat

    Tapered Spindle 12mm Left-Hand Thread

    Tapered spindle for standard bench grinders. Left-hand thread. For use with polishing mops.


    • Threaded taper from 6.35mm (1/4″) to 19.05mm (3/4″)
    • Taper working length 65mm
    • Allows wheels to be stacked to required thickness
    • For use with buffing wheels & wire wheels
    • 1/2″ left-hand threaded bore for connection to grinders
  • €11.69€18.39 Inc Vat

    Crimped Wire Cup Brush (choose size)

    Crimped carbon steel bristles scrub surfaces clean, leaving only the smooth surface underneath.

  • Twist Knot Wheel
    €17.84€33.65 Inc Vat

    Twist Knot Wheel (choose options)

    Twist Knot wheel or Knot-wire brushes as they are also known are made of heat-treated straight wire filaments twisted as a single unit resembling a piece of cable or wire rope.

  • Crimped Wire wheel Jaz
    €18.39€23.99 Inc Vat

    Crimped Wire Wheel (choose size)

    High performance, general purpose crimped wire wheel for bench and pedestal machines.

  • Dronco A30T 115mm x 6mm Perfect Grinding Disc
    €20.30 Inc Vat

    Dronco A30T 115mm x 6mm Perfect Grinding Disc (10 Pack)

    The Dronco A30T 115mm x 6mm Perfect Grinding Disc is for use with all types of metal, primarily sheet steel, construction steel and welding seams. A great all-purpose disc with a good service life.


    The Perfect range is the best-seller in the Dronco lineup. Not only brilliant with its price/performance ratio, it has proven itself a million times. The Perfect line shows best results on every angle grinder.


  • Detail Wire Brush Set
    €21.99 Inc Vat

    Detail Wire Brush Set 20-Piece 9-19mm

    This useful 20-Piece Detail Wire Brush Set is great for cleaning hard to reach areas such as holes, pipes and oilways. Can be Used by hand or in a cordless drill. The set is supplied in a nylon storage pouch.


    Set includes:

    • 6 x stainless steel brushes
    • 6 x brassed brushes
    • 6 x nylon brushes (9 – 19mm)
    • Soft-grip handle and 6″ extension with quick-release locking chucks


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