• Type 5 Swaged Welding Nozzle
    €5.54€9.79 Inc Vat

    Type 5 Swaged Welding Nozzles (Various Sizes)

    • High quality swaged welding nozzles.
    • Available in sizes N0. 1, No. 2, No. 5, No.7, and No. 13.
    • Choose your size below:


  • SWP A-NMS Cutting Nozzle
    €8.30 Inc Vat

    SWP A-NMS Cutting Nozzle

    A high quality SWP A-NMS Cutting Nozzle, for use with Type 5 Cutting Attachment and Type 5 Shank, available in four sizes:


    • 1/32 inch for cutting 3 – 6mm plate
    • 3/64 inch for cutting 5 – 12mm plate
    • 1/16 inch for cutting 10 – 75mm plate
    • 3/32 inch for cutting 90 – 150mm plate
  • SWP P-NM S Cutting Nozzle
    €8.30 Inc Vat

    SWP P-NM S Cutting Nozzle

    A high quality P-NM S Cutting Nozzle from SWP, available in three sizes.


    • 1/32 inch for cutting 3 – 6mm plate
    • 3/64 inch for cutting 5 – 12mm plate
    • 1/16 inch for cutting 10 – 75mm plate
    • Choose your size below
  • 2030-Small-Circle-Cutting-Attachment
    €12.92 Inc Vat

    Small Circle Cutting Attachment

    • A small circle cutting attachment
    • Minimum cut is 100mm
    • Maximum cut is 500mm
    • Part No. 2030
  • €15.31 Inc Vat

    Welding Mixer Type 5

    A  type 5 welding mixer, Part No. 2012.

  • 1240-Double-Outlet-LH
    €21.53 Inc Vat

    Acetylene/Propane Twin Outlet Left Hand Y-Piece

    A high quality left-hand acetylene/propane twin outlet, with valves.

  • 1239-Double-Outlet-RH
    €21.86 Inc Vat

    Oxygen Twin Outlet Right Hand Y-Piece

    A high quality double outlet right-hand Y-piece with valves.

  • 2036-Wescol-Style-NM250
    €55.01 Inc Vat

    Cutting Torch Wescol Style NM250 18 Inch, 90 Degrees

    An 18″ Wescol style cutting torch, with 90 degree head.

  • Type 5 Shank 2010
    €55.35 Inc Vat

    Type 5 Shank

    A high quality type 5 welding shank from SWP.

    Part No. 2010

  • 2011-Type-5-Cutting-Attachment
    €57.20 Inc Vat

    Cutting Attachment Type 5

    A type 5 cutting attachment, Part No. 2011.

  • 1144E-Cutting-Torch-Everyday-18-90
    €59.66 Inc Vat

    Cutting Torch Everyday NM250 18 Inch 90 Degree

    An everyday 18 inch cutting torch, with 90 degree head.

  • Turbotorch Extreme TX-504 Torch
    €85.01 Inc Vat

    Turbotorch Extreme TX-504 Torch for MAPP Gas

    TurboTorch® has developed a new series of hand torches that also feature Extreme Swirl Technology. The new Extreme series generates more heat than other hand torches for faster brazing times and less gas consumption. All Extreme series hand torches and tips feature TurboTorch swirl combustion. Higher heat levels, in a short amount of time, enable the pros to quickly complete the job.

  • 2002-NM500-cutting-blowpipe
    €110.00 Inc Vat

    Cutting Torch NM500 36 Inch 75 Degrees

    A 36 inch cutting torch, with a 75 degree head.

  • -24%
    €183.27 €140.00 Inc Vat

    Model O Torch Kit

    The Model ‘O’ Type blowpipe is designed for very fine welding
    and brazing applications, including the fusion welding of thin
    gauge sheet metal up to 1.5mm (1/16 inch), and delicate lead
    welding. This is an original torch made by Wescol in UK.
    Comes in a case with 5 different tips 1 to 5.

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