• Hole-Saw-Cobalt-14mm-to-210mm
    €8.76€116.85 Inc Vat

    Hole Saw with 8% Cobalt 14mm to 210mm (choose size)

    Bi-metal hole saws HSSE-Co 8 with fine toothing.

    Unlike most online businesses- we keep every size in stock! The fine toothing is particularly suitable for cutting metals. It ensures smoother running and reduces the necessary effort.

  • Holesaw-Arbor-for-14-to-30mm-bits
    €9.99 Inc Vat

    Holesaw Arbor for 14 to 30mm bits

    Ruko HoleSaw Arbor for Holesaw Bits 14mm up to 30mm

  • €15.25€151.29 Inc Vat

    HMT VersaDrive CarbideMax TCT Holesaw

    A highly versatile Tungsten Carbide Holesaw system for use with a range of power tools including hand drills, Mag Drills and Pillar Drills.

    The perfect heavy duty Holesaw for fabricators and steel erectors needing to drill through heavy steel in locations that aren’t suitable for a mag drill.

  • Holesaw Extension
    €16.49 Inc Vat

    Hole Saw Extension

    300mm hole saw Extension gives your hole saw the extra flexibility to drill through composite panels or hard to reach  work pieces.

  • Holesaw-Arbor-for-32-to-152mm-Bits
    €23.31 Inc Vat

    Holesaw Arbor for 32 to 152mm Bits

    Ruko HoleSaw Arbor for Holesaw Bits 32mm up to 152mm

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