• €9.04€167.90 Inc Vat

    HMT BioCut Blue Neat Cutting Oil

    Biocut Blue is a ultra high-performance cutting fluid.

    Designed for metal fabrication, broaching, cutting, and drilling tasks.

    Ideal for use with hard materials or ultra-large or ultra-thick steel.

  • Drilling & Tapping Spray 500ml
    €9.54 Inc Vat

    Drilling & Tapping Spray cutting oil 500ml

    For cleaner cut threads, smoother surface finishes in tapping, threading, reaming, boring, broaching and engraving.

    Stops galling, the main cause of tap breakage. This spray cutting oil comes with a small straw to help direct the oil to the work piece.

  • €11.56€128.97 Inc Vat

    HMT Speedlube Drilling & Tapping Spray Aerosol 500ml

    SpeedLube™ is a high performance lubricant suitable for machine or hand-held drilling, tapping, broaching and countersinking cutting tool applications across a wide range of metals including stainless steel.

    Aerosol propellant ensures the lubricant foams on contact to ensure maximum tool coverage and heat dissipation. Easy one-handed provides fast, efficient lubricant coverage and minimises the amount of applications required during the drilling process.  Unique 360º valve which enables Speedlube to be sprayed from all angles.

  • €19.13€226.57 Inc Vat

    HMT AeroPaste Aerosol Spray Lubricant 500ml

    AeroPaste™ is an aerosol applied paste-type aerosol lubricant for hole broaching, tapping, reaming & drilling applications.

    Ideal for overhead or positional application.

    The high viscosity of AeroPaste™ allows it to cling directly to the cutting tool or steel it is applied to, without fluid run-off.

    A preferred lubricant for use in environmentally sensitive areas such as above water.

    Using AeroPaste™ minimises repainting or galvanising issues caused by conventional soluble lubricants and reduces mess and slipping hazards.

  • Soluble Cutting Oil 5 Litre
    €36.00 Inc Vat

    Soluble Cutting Oil 5 Litre

    Use as 3/100 up to 10/100 parts oil to Water.

  • Rigid Cutting Fluid
    €47.97 Inc Vat

    Thread Cutting Oil Ridgid 5 Litre

    RIDGID Thread Cutting Oil

    Ridgid Cat No. 11931
    Thread Cutting Oil 5 Litre
    A high grade mineral cutting oil for all threading applications. Carefully monitored ingredients: fatty oil, sulphur, anti foam agent and emulsifier.Synthetic Thread Cutting Oil
    Specially formulated for use on drinking water installations where local codes prohibit the use of mineral oil based fluids.Check your local regulations for specific product suitability for your application.
    RIDGID ® thread cutting oils are free of toxic compounds such as polychlorinated biphenyls and polynuclear aromatic compounds.
  • Soluble Cutting Oil 20 Litre
    €109.47 Inc Vat

    Soluble Cutting Oil 20 Litre

    Use as 3/100 up to 10/100 parts oil to Water.

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