• €7.85 Inc Vat

    Gearpam 80W90 Gear Oil 1 Litre

    Extreme pressure gear oil to A.P.I. GL4, MIL – 2105 Specifications.

  • €18.50€59.32 Inc Vat

    Turbopam 15W40 – 5 or 20 Litres

    A highly versatile engine oil designed for naturally aspirated and turbocharged petrol and diesel engines in both cases and light commercial vehicles making it ideal for mixed fleet operations. A.P.I. SL/CH4, MB 228.1, 229.1. Man 271, VDS, MACK EO-L, MTU TYPE 1.

  • €19.50 Inc Vat

    Powerpam 10W40 Semi-Synthetic – 5 Litres

    A fuel efficient multigrade oil for use in a wide range of cars and vans to Acea A3, B3, B4, A.P.I.  SL/CF, VW 502.00 to 505.00 and MB 229.1 specification.

  • €40.00 Inc Vat

    Hydrapam 46 Hydraulic Oil – 20 Litres

    A range of premium quality hydraulic fluids for a wide range of applications and temperature variations containing anti-foam, anti-rust, anti-oxidant and a high level of anti-wear additives.  Din 51524 Part 2, Sperry Vickers M2950-S, 1-286-5.

  • €58.50 Inc Vat

    Ultrapam 10W30 – 20 Litres

    Ultrapam 10W30 Super Universal Tractor Oil is suitable for use in a wide range of farming equipment, both naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines, hydraulic, transmission and final drives where its anti-squawk additives are particularly effective in oil immersed brakes.

  • €67.65 Inc Vat

    Sirios 15W40 E7 Diesel Engine Oil – 20 Litres

    Sirios 15W40 is a Super High Performance heavy duty diesel engine oil with superior soot handling properties that provides high levels of piston cleanliness, oxidation resistance and anti-wear characteristics. Acea E7, B4, B3, A3, A.P.I. CI-4. MB228.3, 229.1. Volvo VDS3. Renault RVI, RLD-2, Global DHD. Allison C4, JASO DH-1.

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