• Bardahl 500g Handcleaner
    €7.32 Inc Vat

    Bardahl Hand Cleaner 500g

    High Quality Handcleaner

  • Dymon Scrubs Hand Wipes
    €19.13 Inc Vat

    Dymon Scrubs 72

    SCRUBS® Hand Cleaner Towels
    Ideal for keeping clean on-site

  • Bardahl 3kg Handcleaner
    €23.37 Inc Vat

    Bardahl Hand Cleaner 3Kg

    High Quality Handcleaner

  • Loctite Fast Orange Handcleaner 3Ltr
    €23.68 Inc Vat

    Hand Cleaner Fast Orange 3Ltr

    LOCTITE SF 7850 is a natural hand cleaner containing no petroleum solvents.

  • Swarfega Original 4.5Kg
    €31.92 Inc Vat

    Swarfega Original 4.5Kg

    Usage: For use at the end of each work period, or more frequently if required, to effectively remove oil, grease, grime and many oil-based paints.

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