• Olympic Fixings Silicone Sealant
    4.06 Inc Vat

    Olympic Fixings Silicone Sealant 300ml

    A High Quality Silicone Sealant from Olympic Fixings available in Clear, White, or Black finish.


    This product is extremely versatile, as it seals, bonds, caulks, covers, protects, insulates and waterproofs.

  • Soudal Carbond 940FC
    8.50 Inc Vat

    SOUDAL Carbond 940FC Polyurethane 310ml

    Carbond 940 FC is a high quality, one component polyurethane adhesive-sealant for a wide range of bonding and sealing applications.



    • Very easy application
    • Stays elastic after curing
    • Very good adhesion on many materials
    • Excellent resistance to many chemicals
    • Excellent resistance to UV radiation
    • Especially developed for concrete applications



    • All sealing and bonding applications in the building industry
    • Structural bonding in vibrating constructions
  • 9.10 Inc Vat



    Gorilla Epoxy delivers a strong, long-lasting bond to both household and automotive repairs. The easy-to-use syringe dispenses an equal amount of resin and hardener, that when mixed together creates a permanent, durable and water resistant bond.

  • J-B Weld WaterWeld Epoxy Putty
    11.72 Inc Vat

    J-B Weld WaterWeld Epoxy Putty

    WaterWeld will plug or seal leaks and patch holes and cracks in almost anything. Ideal for repairing plumbing, fuel tanks, tub and shower, drains, pool and spa, boats and potable water tanks; setup occurs even under water.


    After curing, it can be drilled, tapped, filed, sanded and painted. WaterWeld has a set time of 15-25 minutes and sets hard in one hour. WaterWeld cures to an off-white color, is rated at a tensile strength of 900 PSI and will withstand temperatures up to 300ºF.



    • Plumbing, Tub, Shower & Drains
    • Fuel Tanks
    • Marine & Boats
    • Potable Water Tanks
  • JB Weld Marine Weld Epoxy Twin Tube
    13.26 Inc Vat

    J-B Weld MarineWeld Epoxy Twin Tube

    J-B MarineWeld is a specially formulated two-part epoxy cold weld system that provides for strong, lasting repairs for bonding different or similar surfaces, such as aluminum, metal, composites, fiberglass and others.


    MarineWeld sets in 4-6 hours at room temperature and is fully cured to a dark grey color in 15-24 hours. Once cured, it can be shaped, tapped, filed, sanded and drilled and will retain its strength above or below the waters’ surface. MarineWeld has a 1:1 mixing ratio and tensile strength of 3960 PSI.



    • Boats
    • Personal Watercraft
    • In/Outboard Engines
    • Deck & Hull Accessories
  • Tec7 Sealant
    13.51 Inc Vat

    Tec 7 Sealant

    Tec 7 can seal, mount and bond all common building materials – even under water, eliminating the wait or need for damp or wet surfaces to dry and meaning you don’t have to carry the usual assortment of adhesives and sealers to each job.


    Tec 7 has multiple applications in the Building, Construction, Airconditioning/Ventilation, Sanitary and General Maintenance areas.

  • Mopissi Silicone Gun
    13.84 Inc Vat

    MOPISSI Silicone Gun

    Silicone gun for standard 170 and 300 ml cartridges.

    Ideal for using to apply our 300ml Mopoly

  • CT1 MultiSolve
    13.86 Inc Vat

    C-Tec MultiSolve 500ml Aerosol

    MultiSolve is a complete new multi-purpose solvent; for the safe removal of adhesives and sealants.


    Just spray C-TEC MULTISOLVE onto the desired surface then within seconds it gets to work leaving the surface ready for treatment.


    MultiSolve removes Wax, Paraffin, Printing ink, Adhesives, Sealants, Oil, Grease, and Silicone, among others.

  • CT1 Sealant
    14.65 Inc Vat

    CT1 Sealant & Construction Adhesive

    Unique adhesion on virtually any material in most applications without the need for additional fixings. CT1 is the ultimate solution for sealing.


    CT1 is available from ProWeld in Black, Clear, Grey, Silver and White.


    CT1 will successfully bond:

    • Metals (including lead)
    • Glass
    • Mirrors
    • Wood
    • Polystyrene


  • CT1 Miracle Seal
    16.15 Inc Vat

    C-Tec Miracle Seal

    C-Tec CT1 Miracle Seal permanently seals small leaks anywhere in the cooling system.


    • Seals leaks in radiators, hose pipes and water pumps.
    • Guaranteed; Will NOT clog the system due to a revolutionary new formula.
    • Is compatible with all types of water based coolants.
    • Is not affected by Anti-Freeze and will continue to seal the leak.


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