• 208.94 Inc Vat

    SIP Medium Sandblast Cabinet

    The SIP Medium Sandblast Cabinet provides efficient sandblasting, and quickly removes any unwanted debris, rust, and paint from metal and wood surfaces, plus an automatic safety shut-off.

    • 230v (13amp) input supply
    • 7CFM average air consumption
    • One-piece seamless construction
    • Quick and efficient sandblasting
    • Removes dust, paint and unwanted
      debris from metal and wood surfaces
    • Ideal unit for any sandblasting tasks
    • Automatic air shut-off for safety
    • Durable steel construction
    • Compact and lightweight
  • Portable Sand Blaster
    230.01 Inc Vat

    Portable Sand Blaster 10 Gallon

    • Pressurised design delivers 30% more sandblasting power than siphon units
    • Provides more abrasion when you need truly efficient performance
    • Equipped with nozzle and shut-off valve, pressure gauge, ceramic nozzle, filling funnel, water trap, 6in rubber wheels and canvas hood
    • Tank dimensions: 12in diameter, 20in length
    • Hose length: 2.5m
    • Work pressure: 60~125PSI 6~25 CFM
  • Portable Sand Blaster
    304.43 Inc Vat

    Portable Sand Blaster 20 Gallon

    Pressurised design delivers 30% more sandblasting power than siphon units. Provides more abrasion when you need truly efficient performance.


    • Nozzle and shut-off valve
    • Pressure gauge
    • Ceramic nozzle
    • Filling funnel
    • Water trap
    • 6in rubber wheels
    • Canvas hood
    • Dimensions: 920 x 780 x 380mm
    • Hose length: 2.5m
    • Work pressure: 60~125PSI 6~25 CFM

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