• Bandsaw Blades
    15.2570.00 Inc Vat

    Starrett Bandsaw Blades (choose size)

    Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades

    Choose your diameter. If you don’t see your size listed, we can have it made for you.

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    1,715.85 1,543.65 Inc Vat

    SIP Bandsaw 01594 12 inch 1hp, 230v

    SIP 01594 Professional Bandsaw MCB with Swivel arm. 45 degree left vice swivel.

    Adjustable vice – cuts mitre angles between 0-45 degrees left.

  • 1,759.95 Inc Vat

    SIP 10″ Industrial Circular Metal Saw

    The SIP 10″ Circular Metal Saw is designed for cutting ferrous metals, and includes a single vice with cut-off clamp to eliminate break-off burrs, integrated coolant system, and enclosed blade.

    • 230v (13amp) input supply
    • Powerful 1.1kW (1.5hp) motor
    • 250mm blade, 42rpm speed
    • Complete cutting capacities:
      • @ 90°: 75 x 45mm (B) / Ø 60mm (round)
      • @ 45°: 55 x 45mm (B) / Ø 55mm (round)
    • Built-in coolant system with external filter
    • Designed for cutting all ferrous metals
    • Pedestal stand and blade included
    • Cast iron machine head and base
    • Single vice with cut-off clamp
  • 2,144.95 Inc Vat

    SIP 8″ Swivel Pull-Down Metal Bandsaw

    The SIP 8″ Swivel Pull-Down Metal Bandsaw is gearbox-driven bandsaw with a strong cast iron construction, automatic feed, and coolant pump system, all for reliable and consistent performance.

    • 230v (13amp) input supply
    • Powerful 1.1kW (1.5hp) motor
    • 20 x 0.9 x 2085mm bandsaw blade
    • 80 metres/min max. working speed
    • Gearbox-driven pull-down bandsaw
    • Quick release vice and material stop
    • Coolant pump system to keep cool
    • Heavy-duty cast iron construction
    • Integrated bandsaw limit switch
    • Rectangular cutting capacities:
      • @ 90°: 170 x 200mm
      • @ 60°: 60 x 60mm
      • @ 45°: 110 x 110mm
    • Circular cutting capacities:
      • @ 90°: 170mm
      • @ 60°: 70mm
      • @ 45°: 120mm
  • 2,199.94 Inc Vat

    SIP 12″ Industrial Circular Metal Saw

    The SIP 12″ Circular Metal Saw is designed for cutting ferrous metals, and includes twin vices for centralising workpieces, cast iron machine head and base, and a reliable coolant system.

    • 400v, 3 phase input supply
    • Powerful 1.7hp (1.3kW) motor
    • Heavy-duty dual-speed motor:
      • 18rpm @ 750w / 36rpm @ 1.3kW
    • Complete circular cutting capacities:
      • @ 90°: 140 x 90mm (box) / 100mm (round)
      • @ 45°: 100 x 90mm (box) / 90mm (round)
    • Built-in coolant system for lubrication
    • Twin vice (centralizes the workpiece)
    • Designed for cutting ferrous metals
    • Pedestal stand and blade included
    • Cast iron machine head and base
    • Totally enclosed blade for safety
  • Starrett-S3120 Gravitational & Manual Horizontal Band Saw Machine
    2,687.55 Inc Vat

    Starrett S3120 Horizontal Band Saw Machine

    The S3120 has been developed with productivity, robustness, and high-speed cutting performance in mind. Cuts 170 x 170 or 210 x 90 at 90 degrees.


    It is ideally suited for professionals or businesses looking to acquire a versatile, low-maintenance piece of equipment that offers them an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

  • Metal cutting bandsaw 18 inch
    4,440.30 3,923.70 Inc Vat

    SIP Metal Cutting Bandsaw 18 Inch 3 Phase

    • Free shipping to anywhere in Ireland
    • 1.5kW (2hp) Induction Motor
    • 4 Speed
    • 27 x 0.9 x 3280mm Blade
    • Adjustable Vice
    • 12 Month Warranty
  • 4,399.94 Inc Vat

    SIP 18″ 1 Phase Metal-Cutting Bandsaw

    The SIP 18″ Metal Bandsaw is a 1-phase metal-cutting bandsaw featuring an induction motor, cast iron bow for improved accuracy, 4 versatile cutting speeds, and an adjustable vice.

    • 230v, 1 phase input supply
    • 1.5kW (2.0hp) induction motor
    • 4-speed: 29/50/73/95 mtr/min
    • Complete cutting capacities:
      • @ 90°: 254mm (round) / 127 x 457mm (box)
      • @ 45°: 150mm (round) / 150 x 190mm (box)
    • Adjustable vice for cutting angles between 0° and 45°
    • Cast iron bow improves accuracy / reduces vibration
  • Starrett S4230 Semi-Automatic Horizontal BandSaw Machine
    10,202.85 Inc Vat

    Starrett S4230 Semi-Automatic Horizontal Band Saw Machine

    As a semi-automatic machine, this model uses state-of-the-art technology for this type of equipment. The technical characteristics provide users with high production capacity and versatility for the most varied types of cuts and shapes.


    This model can cut mitred corners on both negative (-45º) and positive sides (60º), which makes it more versatile. Cuts 300 pipe or 350 x 250 RHS/Rsj

  • Starrett S4240 Semi-Automatic Horizontal BandSaw Machine
    14,698.50 Inc Vat

    Starrett S4240 Semi-Automatic Horizontal Band Saw Machine

    This semi-automatic machine can perform mitre cutting of structural profiles up to 75° & – 45°, outstanding for everyday jobs. In addition, the high cutting capacity of 300 x 300mm or 450 x 220mm and its rigid construction makes this machine offer a smooth, controlled cutting speed with hydraulic feed pressure.


    All these elements combine to create a powerful band saw machine, ideal for regular intensive use on harder metals. Like all our band saw machines, it complies with all the required CE safety standards.

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