• 12.18 Inc Vat

    Mini Magnet Squares (Twin Pack)

    At just 2-5/16″ in height, Mini Magnets provide low profile holding of stock in tight, hard to reach areas.

  • 13.9022.51 Inc Vat

    Inside/Outside Angle Magnets

    Hold stock from the outside, leaving clearance for inside welds, or hold stock from the inside for outside welds.

    • Hold and position sheet metal, round pipes, square, angled or flat stock.
    • The Inside / Outside Angle Magnets are constructed from two independent rectangular magnets for consistent, undiminished magnetic force when both sides are attached to workpieces.
    • Use mounting holes to link two magnets together for use as fixturing elements.
    • Use hex hole on magnet for breakaway leverage.
  • 15.13 Inc Vat

    MagTab MFT10

    The better, faster way to hold tabs in place for tack welding!

  • 15.38 Inc Vat

    Grinder Rest with Magnetic Base

    Store your Grinder and all accessories on one convenient, compact, portable rest for easy access.

    No more searching for wrench or spare discs. Holds most 5″ Grinders. Also holds keys & spare discs!

  • 26.94 Inc Vat

    MagHold V-Pad Kit

    • Light duty & tight spot holding! Build, Hold, and Position Steel.
    • Hold and position round, flat, and square parts in light duty substructure applications!
    • Magnets on both pad face and the bottom.
    • Includes 2 x 2″ V-Pads and 2 x 2.2″ V-Pads.
  • 38.7571.09 Inc Vat

    Adjust-O Magnet Squares

    The fast & easy way to hold metal workpieces at 30°/60°, 45°, and 90°.

    • Turn the magnet Off or at the mid-point position when setting up, turn On when you’re ready to work. Fast and safe set-up!
    • Ideal for round and square tubing, angle, and flat stock.
    • Easy to clean. Simply turn Off and wipe.
  • 123.86 Inc Vat

    Adjust-O 90° Dual Switch Magnet Square

    For professional jobs that demand strong hold down forces. Hold flat and round metal work pieces.

    • Two On/Off switches for independent operation.
    • Turn the magnets Off when setting up, turn On when you’re ready to work. Easy and safe set-up!
    • Precision machined flat and V-surfaces are ideal for round and square tubing, angle, and flat stock.

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