• 1,107.00 Inc Vat

    Cougartron InoxPower Machine Set

    InoxPower is the newest addition to Cougartron’s line of stainless steel weld cleaning machines.

    Use InoxPower for safe and fast:

    • Oxide and heat-tint removal
    • Passivation
    • Marking*

    This compact, portable, and affordable machine is designed for occasional light-duty work within smaller production environments.

    InoxPower is a downgraded version of InoxMUSCLE and cannot be used for polishing. However, it is equally fast and effective with stainless steel weld cleaning. 

    *In addition to oxide removal and passivation, InoxPower can be transformed into a practical marking machine with the help of the basic etching set (sold separately).

  • 2,398.50 Inc Vat

    Cougartron Inox Muscle Machine Set

    InoxMuscle is a compact and lightweight electrochemical weld cleaning machine with precise power control and readout.

    The machine has 2 operating modes for effective:

    • Weld cleaning
    • Surface polishing

    The latest CougarSYNC technology gives you the ability to connect to Cougartron servers to analyze and update your machine. 

    InoxMuscle is an ideal weld cleaner for everyday Stainless Steel TIG jobs – great for workshops, factories, and onsite work.

  • 3,062.70 Inc Vat

    Cougartron Plus Starter Pack

    Cougartron Plus is a compact and effective electrochemical weld cleaning and polishing machine for stainless steel TIG welds and surfaces. 


    With the addition of special accessories, the system can also be used for marking and etching. 


    Cougartron Plus provides excellent results on smaller stainless steel TIG welds and is equally useful with both off- and on-site weld cleaning. 

  • -20%
    3,260.00 2,595.00

    Cougartron ProPlus Starter Pack

    Cougartron ProPlus delivers a unique combination of electricity, heat and chemistry for superior results with:


    • Weld cleaning (TIG and MIG)
    • Surface polishing
    • Etching

    CougarSense is the secret to the ProPlus’ power and reliability. This proprietary digital system combines with rock-solid components to deliver:


    • Superior 300°C cleaning performance compared to traditional low-powered (100°C) weld cleaners equipped with felt fabric or cloth pads instead of carbon brushes
    • Intelligent electronics: consistent power and uninterrupted production
    • Unique touch-control user interface/power readout: easier and faster

    Using the extension leads, you can reach up to 16m with the ProPlus!

  • 7,988.85 Inc Vat

    Cougartron InoxFURY Starter Pack

    InoxFURY is a powerful and fast weld cleaning system for larger and heavily oxidized welds.


    Use up to 3 brushes simultaneously to effectively remove rust, oxide scale, heat tints, and discoloration from all weld types.


    The machine provides excellent results with:

    • Weld Cleaning
    • Passivation
    • Polishing 


    InoxFURY is capable to clean aluminum and all stainless steel grades – 301, 304, and Duplex included.


    Thanks to its puncture-proof wheels and a robust retractable handle – InoxFURY is easily transported and moved on-site.


    The system is now equipped with a practical touch-screen dashboard for easier control over the current output and work modes.


    FURY is safer and faster than the pickling paste.

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