• WB0551 Welding Blanket
    €19.67€37.00 Inc Vat

    Fibreglass Welding Blanket (550°C)

    High quality fibreglass welding blanket suitable for medium duty protection. This durable blanket can withstand heat-intensive activities such as welding, soldering and metal working. The high-tensile fabric offers exceptional protection from welding sparks and spatter whilst also providing the flexibility to easily drape the blanket into your preferred position.

  • Detroit Welding Curtain
    €29.00 Inc Vat

    Detroit Welding Curtain 6 x 4 Feet

    • 15 oz Flame Retardant Canvas
    • Low Visibility Green Canvas
    • 20 Eyelets
    • Size 6ft (1.83m) High x 4ft (1.22m) Width


    Industry Standards

    • CE
    • BS 5867-2-2008 Type B
  • SWP Fibre Glass Welding Blanket 2 x 1 Metre
    €42.00 Inc Vat

    SWP Fibreglass Welding Blanket (600ºC), 2 x 1 Metre

    A 2 x 1 metre Fibreglass Welding Blanket from SWP, for use up to 600ºC. This blanket must be hung vertically.

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