• SWP Premium Anti-Spatter 300ml
    €5.50 Inc Vat

    Super6 Premium Anti-Spatter Spray 300ml

    • Bag on valve pressure spray gives up to 3 times the life of aerosols with no noxious fumes and no harmful solvents.
    • Propelled by compressed air with a constant 360˚ spray.
    • Reduces heat discolouration and contains a corrosion inhibitor.
  • Cleanweld Anti Spatter Spray 600ml
    €8.50 Inc Vat

    Cleanweld Premium Anti-Spatter Spray 600ml

    Bag on valve pressure spray, outperforms by far and lasts three times as long as conventional aerosols.


    • Vegetable oil based
    • No solvents or liquid gases
    • Greatly reduces dressing time
    • No paint/coating problems
    • Reach 2007 compliant
    • Genuine 270° spray
    • Very economical
  • SWP Anti-Spatter 5 Litre
    €12.30€51.66 Inc Vat

    SWP Anti-Spatter (Choose Size)

    • Anti-Spatter Water Soluble
    • Ready to use
    • Safe
    • Silicone free
    • No chlorinated solvents
    • No dichloromethane
    • Biodegradable
    • Available in 5 or 25 litre capacity

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