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    11.3714.70 Inc Vat

    Welding Electrode 6013 Large Pack 2.5/3.2mm

    ADRIA electrode R 6013

    Made in Croatia by Elektroda Zagreb Est. 1948. Elektroda source all of their filler metals in the EU from companies such as ArcelorMittal. Each shipment of Elektroda Zagreb’s filler materials comes with Test report (according to EN 10204 2.2), or Inspection certificate (according to EN 11020 3.1), depending on customer demand.
    ProWeld buy direct from the manufacturer, you get great welding electrodes at really great prices.

    Rutile electrode designed for welding steels with strength the strength to 470N / mm2. The electrode is characterized by very good operating welding characteristics , and is suitable for novice welders.

    Welded metal surface is smooth.

  • 15.0123.99 Inc Vat

    Super Optimal 6010 Welding Rods

    Features and Applications
    • Cellulosic coated deep penetration electrode for welding of
    pipes and pipelines in all positions using conventional and
    stove pipe techniques. Characterised by a deeply penetrating,
    forceful and spray type arc. Excellent arc striking/re-striking.
    It is suitable for welding root passes, fill and cover passes.

  • 15.3881.18 Inc Vat

    Magmaweld 6013 Mild Steel Electrodes

    General-purpose electrode for structural steelwork, workshop and maintenance welding. Easily operated in positional welding, including vertically-down.

    Good gap-bridging. Smooth arc, well suited for tack-welding due to it’s easy arc striking and re-striking properties.

    CE certified mild steel weld rods in 2.5kg sealed packets.


  • 18.95 Inc Vat

    Super Optimal 6013

    Features and Applications
    • Rutile type medium coated electrode, used for the welding of
    large structures and process pipe work in the shipbuilding and
    construction industries where precise fit-ups are difficult to
    achieve. SUPER OPTIMAL 6013 is a superior quality electrode
    designed to give high impact toughness properties.

  • 22.45 Inc Vat

    Super Optimal 7018 S (4mm)

    Features and Applications
    • Basic heavy coated, electrode for producing tough and crackfree welded joints even on steels having a carbon content up
    to 0.40%. Good operating characteristics when positional
    welding. Weld metal has good toughness properties down to
    –50°C. Ultimate mechanical properties in 7018-1 group.

  • 27.00177.12 Inc Vat

    Supercito 7018 Low Hydrogen Rods



    is a basic coated MMA electrode for producing crack-free and tough welded joints. Good welding characteristics, suitable for root passes and positional welding, welds are of X-ray quality. The weld metal has good ISO-V toughness to -50C. Suitable for unalloyed steels with low purity or higher carbon content, <0.4%C, and for buffer layers. Very low hydrogen content after re-drying.

    EN ISO 2560A: E 42 5 B 3 2 H5
    EN 499: E 42 5 B 3 2 H5
    AWS A5.1: E7018-1 H4

  • Oerlikon Electrodes
    28.2328.84 Inc Vat

    Oerlikon Fincord M Weld Rods Packet (2.5 or 3.2mm)

    • Fincord M is a medium coated electrode which allows the touch welding technique to be used which is advantageous in the overhead position.
    • The Fincord M electrodes exhibit extremely versatile operating characteristics. They offer smooth even metal transfer, low spatter and easy slag removal.
    • The slag is self releasing and the weld appearance is smooth, usually requiring no dressing.
    • Available in both 2.5mm and 3.2mm diameters.
  • 35.50 Inc Vat

    SUPER OPTIMAL 316-17 (3.2 x 350)

    Features and Applications
    • Rutile-silica-coated Mo containing austenitic stainless steel
    electrode with approx 6-8% ferrite. Coating with very low
    moisture pick-up. Soft fusion, without spatters, very easy slag
    removal, exceptional bead appearance, easy restriking.

  • 46.49 Inc Vat

    Cutting & Gouging Rods 3.2mm 350mm

    Features and Applications.

    • Ideal for cutting, grooving and gouging steels, stainless steel,
    copper alloy, cast iron and cast steels.

  • 60.9667.99 Inc Vat



    AWS A 5.4 : E 308L-17
    DIN 8556 : E 19 9 LR 23
    EN 1600 : E 19 9 L R 32

  • Cast Iron Welding Rods
    75.7183.00 Inc Vat

    Cast Iron Rods Eni 400

    Air Liquide Cast Iron Rods in a handy plastic case

    • A high quality pure nickle electrode.
    • For the welding & repair of cast iron.
    • Weldable in all positions except vertical down.
    • Suitable for use AC (minimum OCV 50V) and DC.

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