• €9.95€17.99 Inc Vat

    Silver Solder Flux Coated AG14 1.5mm

    • Cadmium free 55% flux coated silver solder
    • Uses: Artistic foundries, food industry, power generation
    • Sold seperately.
  • Copper Coated Mild Steel Welding Rods
    €21.33€31.37 Inc Vat

    Copper Coated Mild Steel Weld Rods 5kg

    • An oxygen/acetylene copper coated mild steel rod for all types of mild steel and wrought iron welding.
    • Particularly suitable for welding sheet metal panels, plates and tubes.
    • Available as 1.6mm, 2.4mm, or 3.2mm in a 5kg tube.
  • €23.25 Inc Vat

    Flux Powder for General Brazing 500g

    • Powder Flux for gas brazing steel and cast iron.
    • 500g tub.
  • Aluminium Welding Flux 7818
    €24.27 Inc Vat

    Flux Powder for Aluminium Welding 500g

    • Powder Flux for gas welding Aluminium.
    • Sold in a 500g tub.
  • Copper Phosphorous Weld Rods
    €43.05 Inc Vat

    Copper Phosphorous 2% Silver 2.4mm Welding Rods 1kg

    • A copper phosphorous rod with 2% silver to give improved ductility and easier flowing characteristics. It is also highly resistant to corrosion.
    • The rod is self fluxing on copper but a copper flux is required on brass joints.
    • Ideal applications include electric motors, hot water cylinders, copper/brass fabrication.
    • 2.4mm diameter, 1kg tube
  • Silicon Bronze Weld Rods
    €46.13€55.35 Inc Vat

    Silicon/Bronze C2 Weld Rods 2.5kg Tube

    • A multi purpose silicon bronze brazing rod suited to all types of fabrication work involving steel, cast iron, copper and dissimilar metal joints.
    • Use a general brazing flux for best results.
    • Automotive, wheelchair, tubular furniture and bicycle industries, repair and maintenance.
    • Available in 1.6mm, 2.4mm and 3.2mm thicknesses.
    • 2.5kg tube
  • €48.50 Inc Vat

    Flux Powder Silver Solder 500g

    Powder Flux (boric acid and borates free) for silver  solder operations.

  • Flux Coated Bronze Rods
    €72.57 Inc Vat

    Flux Coated Bronze 2.4mm Weld Rods 2.5kg

    • Flux coated silicon bronze rod for continuous brazing through not having to flux dip the rod.
    • Ideal for general mild steel, galvanised steel, dissimilar joints and DIY enthusiasts.
    • Can be used for automotive, tubular furniture, repair and maintenance.
    • 2.4mm diameter, 2.5kg tube.
  • Silicon Bronze Weld Rods
    €106.30€121.44 Inc Vat

    Bronze C2 K (Flux Impregnated) Weld Rods 2.5kg

    • A flux impregnated silicon bronze rod which is perfect for brazing clean mild steel components and is ideally suited for use in motor body shops and sheet metal fabrications.
    • Applications include automotive, sheet metal and tubular furniture manufacturers.
    • 500mm length.
    • Sold in a 2.5kg tube, and available in 2.4mm and 3.0mm diameter.

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