Focus Tig acdc 200 Amp

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  • Focus Tig acdc 200 Amp

Migatronic Focus Tig 200 Amp AC/DC with Pulse & Tungsten pre-heat

FOCUS TIG 200 AC/DC PFC* gives you three machines in one, with TIG welding for all materials including aluminium. The TIG pulse function gives better control of the weld pool. HF/LIFTIG allows ignition with or without high frequency. MMA makes it possible to weld with most types of electrodes. FOCUS TIG 200 AC/DC is equipped with MIGA Super Blue tungsten electrodes which are applicable for all types of materials.


* The latest Migatronic single-phase inverter welding machines are equipped with PFC (Power Factor Correction). PFC is an electronic circuit that ensures maximum utilisation of power and minimum power loss and enables welding with approx. 25% higher welding current with same fuse size. It is possible to weld with long mains cables with PFC, as the Migatronic PFC – solutions can weld at mains voltages down to approx. 150V and still deliver sufficient energy to carry out professional welding.

Includes: Ergo Tig Torch & Earth Lead.
3 Year Warranty, made in Denmark. 

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Product Description

Migatronic Focus Tig 200 Amp AC/DC With Pulse & Tungsten Pre-Heat.

The Focus TIG 200 amp AC/DC HP is a single phase (230 V) machine.

An inverter-based welding machine, ideal for site welding and workshops use where high performance is required.

The machine is also suitable for MMA welding using all types of rutile and basic electrodes.

The digital control panel ensures uniform setting of parameters for recurrent welding operations and optimal control of the weld pool.

The control panel features TIG AC/DC pulse function.

HF/LIFTIG ignition (with/without high frequency) makes the machine applicable under all operating conditions.

ACCESSORIES:Focus Tig acdc 200 Amp

  • TIG Ergo 201 torch 4M hose
  • 3M earth cable
  • Carrying strap
  • 16 A Schuko plug

Technical Data

Mains voltage +/- 15% 1×230 V
Fuse 16 A
Duty cycle 100% at 40°C 140 A
Duty cycle 60% at 40°C 170 A
Duty cycle 100% at 20°C 160 A
Duty cycle 60% at 20°C 190 A
Open circuit voltage 95 V
Current range 5-200 A
Protection class IP 23
Standard EN60974-1/3/10
Dimensions HxWxL, mm 250 x 180 x 470
Weight, kg 13.5

Paul Says...

I really enjoy demonstrating this machine, if you have just basic knowledge of welding, I can have you welding aluminium within half an hour. The set-up of the welding parameters is so simple, you can weld Aluminium on AC or AC Pulse.
In pulse mode you can adjust the timing of the actual pulse and the amps the pulse drop’s down to. It also have very simple MMA (stick setting) and DC for Stainless Steel. The welding is easy and smooth – it even makes my welding look good!

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  1. :

    Worth the money, wery easy to use. Good on AC pulse

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