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Galvanised Tubes 26.9x 3.2mm up to 6 Metres

A stock length of galvanised tube is 6 metres and we can cut this to your requirements. These galvanised tubes are suitable for all 33mm key clamps.
A maximum of 2 metre lengths only, can be sent by courier.
Due to the weight of these tubes, additional delivery charges will occur which will show at the checkout.
You will also have the option at the checkout, to collect in Athlone.
We do supply tubes in longer lengths up to 6 metres, which may also be collected in Athlone, or alternatively, delivery can be arranged which will incur extra charges. Contact us to arrange if ordering lengths longer than 2 metres.

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Product Description

Galvanising is the process of dipping mild steel into hot molten zinc, this coating provides protection against rust. This process is the best protection for any mild steel product.

Long life. The life expectancy of galvanised coatings on typical structural members is far in excess of 50 years in most rural environments, and 20 to 25 years plus, even in severe urban and coastal exposure.

Toughest coating. A galvanised coating has a unique metallurgical structure which gives outstanding resistance to mechanical damage in transport, erection and service.

Complete protection. Every part of a galvanised article is protected, even recesses, sharp corners and inaccessible areas. No coating applied to a structure or fabrication after completion can provide the same protection. When galvanised tube is newly dipped it has a shiny appearance, it can only be painted with a vinyl acrylic one-coat paint. However, it can be painted with most enamel or zinc rich paints once the the shine has weathered from the galvanise.

Although galvanising is the best form of protection you must remember that when you cut or weld a galvanised tube you are breaking the protective seal that galvanising has provided. Of course this is nearly impossible to avoid, especially when building with key clamps. The tube has to cut into shorter lengths to fit with your design. Best practice is to touch-up the cut surface with galvafroid which is a heavy zinc rich primer that can only be painted on by hand.


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