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Mig Gas Bottle 9 Litre 15% CO2 REFILL

You’ve emptied your Mig gas 9 litre bottle! So, to get a refill you must bring back your empty bottle and we will exchange it for a full bottle. If for some reason you no longer need the bottle, you can return it with proof of purchase and receive your €75 Refund. If you do not bring your empty back you will have to buy another new bottle (includes deposit).

Collections are available in Athlone, or have it delivered.

* Please note that when a refill is ordered, your empty cylinder must be given to the courier driver, this is strictly an exchange policy.*

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Product Description

Mig Gas 9 Litre Refill Bottles Refill

A specially formulated Argon, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen gas mix (often referred to as a tri-mix or argon shield) which can be used in a number of welding positions. The name comes from the 15% carbon dioxide content; the extra CO2 gives this gas the capability of MIG welding carbon steels up to 18mm in thickness. Welders will experience good arc stability and a broad heat which is due in part to the 2% oxygen content. The combined benefits of good welding performance and minimal spatter make it very popular among the agricultural, on-site and mobile welding market. The wide operating range makes Hobbyweld 15 the best choice for structural steel work, medium gauge plate and general fabrication.


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    I recently bought this Hobbyweld gas to replace a similar brand of rent-free cylinder I had. The gas was in stock and ready for me when I arrived to collect it in Dublin. The service was fast and efficient and the gas was cheaper than anywhere else. Compared to the gas I was using previously this produces a much smoother weld with a lot less spatter and I am only using a portable mig machine.

    I will definitively be back again!

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