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  • Migatronic RallyMIG 161i 79337030

RallyMIG Synergic 161i Car Repair Mig Tig MMA

Adjust to 15 amps, essential for very light car repair mig welding.

The Migatronic RallyMIG 161i is a compact and portable multi-functional welding machine that means you have all processes at your fingertips – MIG, MMA and simple TIG. Anytime, anywhere. The machine is single-phase (230 V) and has PFC – Power Factor Correction – to allow you to weld with a long mains cable or a generator as your power source.


Synergic MIG welding
Once you have chosen the MIG process on the digital control panel and entered your wire/gas combination, the RallyMIG 161i is ready to weld; just switch on, press and weld. Synergic MIG means that welding parameters can be set by means of only one control knob or a torch control unit (optional feature) on the ergonomic torch handle with a 360 degree turnable swan neck, for better comfort and reduced risk of errors.
Whether pure CO2 or Argon is required as shielding gas for the process, using 5 kg wire for either welding or MIG brazing, there is a program that suits your welding assignments.


All standard packages include mains cable w/Schukoplug, 3M earth cable w/clamp, 0.6V-0.8V wire drive roll (mounted), 0.8V-1.0V wire drive roll (extra), handle and carrying strap.

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Product Description

RallyMIG Synergic 161i Car Repair Mig Tig MMA.

The machine is ready to weld …


The RallyMIG 161i features PFC – Power Factor Correction.

The amps adjust as low as 15 amps which is essential for lights car repair mig welding.

PFC allows welding with long mains cables using only 16 A fuses.

Reversed polarity for welding with innershield wires (without gas) is also a standard feature.

MMA welding with auxiliary functions.


The MMA welding process is often preferred for outdoor welding where welding with shielding gas is not suitable.

The RallyMIG 161i masters most types of electrodes in dimensions up to 4 mm.

Also features hotstart and arc force as standard auxiliary functions.

Customize your welding machine.

There is a range of accessories available for the RallyMIG 161i.

This includes trolley, control unit for setting the welding current at the torch handle.

Also electrode cables in various lengths and not least TIG torch with gas valve in the handle with the possibility of simple TIG scratch ignition.


Technical Data

Mains voltage +/- 15% 1 x 230 V
Fuse 16 A
Duty cycle 100% at 40°C, A/V  110/24,0
Duty cycle 60% at 40°C, A/V 115/24,6
Duty cycle 100% at 20°C, A 135
Duty cycle 60% at 20°C, A 145
Open circuit voltage          75 V
Current range 20-160 A
Protection class IP 23S
Norm EN/IEC60974-1-5/10
Dimensions HxWxL, mm      370 x 230 x 450
Weight, kg 13

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Paul says...

Very Tidy machine. I have Demo welded 2mm stainless with it. I have Mig Brazed with CuSi3 wire and more recently I welded together some roof cladding with it, just to see how low it will go. It will go all the way down to 15 amps when using 0.6mm mild steel wire(which is actually too low to burn even the wire itself). 21 Amps burns 0.6mm nicely.

Ideal if you’re using 0.8mm or 1.0mm mild steel to carry out car restoration or panel repair. It will also give a nice large weld when using 0.8/1.0mm for working on heavier material like 6mm.



  1. :

    Great machine, good service and a free welding lesson

  2. :

    Very impressed with welder , very happy

  3. :

    I bought this machine for some car restoration after a demo from Paul. I loaned it to my mate who wouldn’t give me it back! Now he’s bought me a new one. Unbelievable little welder!

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